My name is Nick Holslag, I am one of the partners of

Halo Headband products in San Diego, California.

I have been an athlete my whole life competing in a multitude of sports.  Still today at age 59, I try to sweat every day either by mountain biking, trail running or weight lifting

  • At age 11, I began playing little league baseball, football and lacrosse. I played football in high school, lacrosse through college and then participated with many club teams.
  • I pursued a career as a personal trainer by opening and operating a private gym. I have been a Certified Personal Trainer and nutrition advisor for over 30 years. Through my career I have trained all types of athletes from beginners to pros in a variety of sports from pro baseball players to endurance athletes.
  • I have been a competitive mountain biker for over 34 years. I have competed mostly in cross country races and 24-hour races. I am also a committed trail runner and have competed in trail running races in many distances from 10K to ultra-marathons.
  • For seven years, I was the head varsity high school lacrosse coach for both the boys and girls teams. 
  • Mountain bike racing was the inspiration that led my training partner and me to invent the Halo Headband. We were simply tired of getting burning sweat in our eyes during racing and training.  



If you are prone to ankle rolls or are worried about rolling your ankle, tape your ankles on every trail run as I do. I have rolled my ankles numerous times during all types of sports including trail running.  It's never fun and it really hurts! The great thing is I have never rolled an ankle while taped. Search online for proper ways to tape an ankle. I also recommend wearing running shoes that have a wide base and outer lugs with a minimum stack height. I prefer Altra brand trail shoes since they have wide foot print and are low to the ground.


Constantly look ahead and scan the trail ahead back and forth approximately 10-12 yards. The faster you ride the faster you need to scan. Doing this lets your brain preadjust to obstacles as you approach them and helps you to pick your path in advance. Your body will then be able to react quicker with effective movements that will help you to navigate over or through the trail much more smoothly, and ultimately faster. This practice can be applied for not only downhill riding, but for technical climbs as well.



The SpiBelt Performance Pro Belt is great for trail running, marathons, or adventure races. The spacious pocket will hold any phone and the elastic band can hold energy gels.

Price $ 29.95