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Here is what people are saying about Halo Headband products.

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Happy Halo Headband Customers

I am a field biologist and an avid bicyclist, and in both of these endeavors I have been bothered by sweating that gets in my eyes. This is more than a nuisance, but is also a safety issue, as it affects my vision. Recently, I purchased some Halo elastic bands. I was skeptical at first, as the bands were quite lightweight and flimsy. I was wrong. Your product is amazing. It totally keeps the sweat out of my eyes. The amount of moisture these lightweight bands can absorb is amazing. I am so glad I found your great product. I only wish I had them years ago. Thank you.

I really push myself when I exercise and therefore I sweat excessively. As a result I'd constantly have sweat in my eyes causing me to stop due to the burning sensation. After doing some research I came across the Halo headband which has been a great investment, because even though I still sweat excessively, I no longer have to worry about burning irritated eyes allowing me to get the most out of my workouts. Thanks Halo!
Khari L.

I am 59 years old and started getting into triathlon training seven years ago.I wanted to thank your company for the great products you have made over the years. When I started training for triathlons, I soon found out that I was a big "head sweater", and I had problems with sweat getting in my eyes and preventing me from continuing my workouts. I then discovered Halo headbands and I have never looked back! I own six of them in various colors, plus one running hat! This past year, in September, I qualified for and participated as a member of Team Canada, competing in the world age group triathlon championships in London, England! I wore one of my Halo Headband during the competition- it was one of the first ones I purchased and it still works as well seven years later as when I bought it! Here is a picture of me just before the finish line!
Richard Low

"After a handful of sweat sessions on the bike trainer this winter and an awesome result with the Race Visor at a hot and humid Ironman 70.3 mile San Juan, Halo is now my go-to head gear for training and racing. The products are light, comfortable, and do what they’re designed to do perfectly!”
Jeff Condit
Elite Amateur Triathlete

"The first thing I noticed about my new Halo Race Visor was, ironically, that I didn't notice it. It was so lightweight and comfortable that I couldn't even tell I had it on. Except for the key factor that it was keeping the early morning sun out of my eyes...! I was amazed that the visor didn't move at all during the course of the hour long race. I was sweating all through the race, but again, didn't notice the sweat thanks to the Visor! I would highly recommend this product to any and all trail, endurance, and road runners, as well as hikers! Thanks Halo for making such a quality product!"

"I wear my HALO headband every single ride and love it! The Sweat Block Technology just works perfectly."
Yuki Ikeda
Professional Endurance Mountain Bike Athlete/Cycling Coach

"I am hiking the White Mtn. 4000 footers here in the White Mtns. of NH.The Halo Headband is my constant companion as I work my way through the list of 48 mountain peaks that comprise the list. As you can see, my "bald bean" is the reason for the Halo as it becomes a waterfall in hot weather! The Halo has kept me comfortable in warm weather as well as cold weather when I still where it under my heavy hats. When I am done hiking for the day it drys quickly hanging from my backpack or washed easily at home. This photo is with a friend on top of Mt. Tripyramid in New Hampshire."

"I found halo at the San Diego Rock-n-Roll health and fitness expo last year. I wore it for the marathon and have been wearing it ever since! I wear it for running, softball and soccer. I wear it mainly to keep my hair out of my face because it's made out of great material that breathes unlike other thick, headbands. Plus, of course, it keeps any sweat off my face! They're great! Thanks for an awesome product!"

"I use my Halo Headband for running. They work great to keep the salty sweat from dripping down my face and into my eyes You need them in Florida all year round. I wear them in races too. Like the Gasparilla Marathon and the Gulf Beaches Florida Half Marathon. At mile 7 of Gasparilla, I got a "I like your Halo Headband" compliment from a fellow runner!"

"Focus on my training, focus of my running, focus on my racing. But did not lose focus due to sweat in my eyes. Did the job. Halo Headband - wouldn't race without it."

"I just finished my first ride wearing the Halo Skull Cap and wanted to thank you for this great product! It is 85 degrees here in Boston today and usually in weather like this I have sweat pouring down my face after a few miles. Today, no such problem! The skull cap fit comfortably under my helmet and did a great job keeping my face dry and the sweat out of my eyes and sunglasses. I strongly recommend this product."

"This is the first time I've ever written a company to share what a great product they offer - I'm usually writing to complain! The Halo II is an incredible engineering marvel. I recently feared I had left my Halo on the tailgate after leaving a nice mountain bike ride when I couldn't find it after getting home. I drove miles back to the trail to see if I could find it in the parking lot without success.I then, of course, ordered three new Halos. One for me, one for a friend, and an extra to cover my habit of losing things. Much to my surprise (and delight), I found my "lost" Halo when cleaning the extra cab in my truck properly. Normally, I would have been pissed that I spent money unnecessarily, but I am actually very content knowing that I have extras to give to other friends or just hang onto in case I lose the rest. After a run in 95 degree Atlanta heat and our usual humidity without a drop of sweat getting into my eyes, I was shocked when I wrung a ton of sweat out of the headband. Thanks for an awesome product!"
Bruce - Georgia

"Hi, I wanted to leave you feedback regarding my satisfaction with the halo sweat bands. I'm an avid fitness enthusiast who spends 45 minutes per day on an elliptical in my local gym. Even on low humidity days I sweat so profusely that I constantly must wipe my brow and eyes while working out. It's a huge distraction, very annoying and somewhat dangerous closing your eyes and wiping off the perspiration while working the elliptical. The halo sweatband has solved all of that for me. I am so pleased with it's performance that I'm going to kick my time up to 60 minutes. What a great product for both comfort and safety."
Barry - Colorado

"I ordered two Halo Headbands for me and my husband to wear when mountain biking and I have to say, it's just an ingenious product! I live in San Diego and sunscreen is a must and a hazard when you sweat and it the sunscreen gets in your eyes. The Halo Headband solved that issue completely. I ordered four headbands to give to my mountain biking buddies here and ordering the headband and visor for two other buddies who run and bike in Colorado. I know these will be some of the best Christmas gifts they get this year! Thanks again for developing a durable product that lives up to its name and reputation."
Kelly - Murray, Utah

You are almost to the top of that long climb, you look up and a waterfall of sweat cascades across your glasses. Yuck.
Halo Headbands think they have come up with a solution to your problem. It is called the Halo II Headband and sells for $ 14.95.
The Halo II is a pullover headband made of two thin layers of Dryline fabric to evaporate the sweat. A feature dubbed Sweat-Block technology redirects the sweat to the sides of the Halo if the Dryline fabric becomes saturated. The fabric that covers all this is made from micro fiber polyester that has been embedded with silver ions. These silver ions are claimed to prevent the growth of bacteria. The Halo II is available in black, blue, white, red, or pink and stretches to fit all head sizes. You can get more information by calling (800) 508-4256.
MBA rating: Five stars for a headband? You bet. This is one of those simple products that will become as much a staple in your riding gear as your helmet. Slide on the Halo II, take the fit pads out of your helmet (or go the next smaller size, because the Halo II acts as a fitting pad) and put your helmet on. Notice something? A more secure firm and secure fit than you ever felt with the helmet's stock sizing pads. Now go ride and make sure it is hot. Go ahead, sweat like you are in a sauna. The thin Halo soaks it up. No more showers of sweat over your glasses. Going downhill, the Halo keeps the helmet from rocking around on your head. And unlike helmet pads, our Halo never got stinky, plus it is easier to wash (just throw it in the washer with your jerseys).
Mountain Bike Action

"Our son is a hockey goalie and sweat getting in his eyes during practice and games has always been a pain. During a normal one hour practice he goes through 2 to 3 sweatbands. Matthew is also a runner and while reviewing a copy of Runners World, we noticed your ad and immediately ordered two of the Halo Headbands. WOW! Matthew couldn't be more pleased. Rarely do we ever see him have to clear his eyes now. Your product works extremely well, so well in fact that he has recommended it to all his
other friends who are goalies! Thank you."
Skip - Northfield, VT

"I just wanted to thank you guys for a great product. My wife bought me one of your Halo II headbands for Father's Day and it is by far the best headband I've ever used. I live in the deep south and we get more than our share of heat and humidity. I sweat like the proverbial pig when working outside. The run-of-the-mill headband gets soaked on me quickly, and my eyes start burning. I used your product this past weekend and could not believe how well it worked. I never once had to wipe my face on my t-shirt or wring the headband out (like I usually do). Simply wonderful product. Thanks."
Jim - Moblie, AL

"The Halo Protex really works! My partners and I use them everyday in the field and they are very effective at keeping sweat out of our eyes. I can vouch for the fact that they work as advertised, and very well at that."
Agent Conti - Swat Team

"I want to pass along a story. I went out tonight for my usual Thursday night club ride. Being July in southern New Jersey, the weather was as expected: hot and humid. When I got to the ride, I realized that I had forgotten to pack my Halo headband, as I had hung it to dry after my previous ride. 'No big deal' I thought. WRONG! Within the first few miles, my face was soaking, my eyes were stinging and my glasses were covered in sweat. By the end of the ride (26 fast miles later), everything was drenched: helmet, gloves (from wiping away the sweat), face, jersey, and I could barely see out of my sweat-stained glasses. Never again! I will ALWAYS remember to pack my Halo for future rides. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product!"
Tony M.

"I met you at the LA Expo before the marathon and bought one of your headbands. I am writing you to express my surprise and appreciation for this product. This was my 14th marathon and I have grown used to head sweating, particularly during the second half- so much so that on many other occasions I've arranged with family and friends to meet me at mile 15 with a fresh set of sweat bands. Still, I couldn't convince myself to try your headband without a backup - so I lugged around another bandana the entire race. Your product works! It is the first headband I've ever used that can provide dryness and drainage for an entire marathon. It's comfortable and never gains any weight - because it channels the sweat down the sides and prevents buildup in the band. You've hit on something that is needed and that works! Thanks again."
Dana W.

"Thought I would drop a note and tell you how much I enjoy your headbands! I discovered them over a year ago searching around the net, bought one of the original tie headbands to try it out. What a difference it made! As I wear glasses all the time, I was always having problems with sweat dripping down onto my glasses. With the Halo headband, I no longer have to worry about it! Sweat is transferred away from the front of my face and I never have any problems!. After that, I decided to try out one of your Halo Protex. All I can say is GREAT! Really helps keep my head cool and dry! I have managed to lose my original tie headband and will be ordering another soon, but wanted you to know what I thought about them."
Bill H. - Skate Instructor
"Sometimes, headbands, caps, and do rags just end up holding your hair in place rather than keeping sweat off your face. Not so with Halo Headband products. One of the most common aspects of a headband is the wicking property of the fabric. Unfortunately, the rate of perspiration can overcome the ability of the fabric dissipate the moisture. You still find yourself using your T-shirt or jersey sleeve to wipe away sweat from your face. Or, it gets on your sunglasses and distorts your view. It was obvious how Halo solved this problem. A simple but most effective solution was for the creators of Halo to put a watertight strip on the inside of the headband. This strip feels like rubber and is thin enough so it remains comfortable against your forehead. The strip diverts the perspiration away from your eyes. You can always count on cyclists (who founded Halo) to create something simple yet effective. To put it to the test, I first saturated the Halo Headband, sport hat, Halo II, and Halo Protex with water. After a couple hours of racquetball, I realized I never once had to wipe my face with my T-shirt or clean sweat off my goggles. The next test on the bike was the same. I thought the position of leaning over would surely allow sweat to run down on my eyes. Halo Headband products performed as advertised and eliminated a pesky annoyance. The products also evaporated moisture through the Dryline fabric. The standard headband ties while my favorite was the Halo II elastic, one size fits all. There is also a bandanna style Protex and a sport hat. The Anti-Freeze band had a wider design for covering your ears in colder weather. The inventors at Halo thought of everything and they made it work! As they say, Don't sweat without it!".
Dave Osborne

"After being introduced to the Halo Headband, I never realized how easy it was to keep the painful sweat out of my eye... now I never run without it."
Paul B. - Ultra Marathoner and Bicyclist

"The Halo is a great invention. Unlike other sweatbands, the Halo wicks the sweat away from my eyes, thereby preventing discomfort and temporary loss of vision. If you wear contacts or glasses, Halo is a must."
Bill D. - NORBA Masters Mountain Bike Racer

"The first time I tried the Halo Headband was during a training run while preparing for the New York Marathon. I tried it a couple of times and noticed a huge difference in my comfort level while running. The Halo does a fantastic job of keeping the sweat and sunscreen out of my eyes so I can more clearly focus on the workout. Now I use it not only for running... but tennis as well. I highly recommend it."
Jeff C. - Marathoner

"The summer heat can really cause a sweat problem, especially with the heavy gear we carry. The Halo Headband helps us see clearly in any situation."
Scott H. - San Diego Police Department Bicycle Patrol

"I love how they don't slip off my head like normal headbands!" - Hayley
"I like the thickness of the headband, it's just right and not too thin." - Kelly
"We love how the yellow seal prevents sweat from dripping down the face. They are so comfortable!"
University of the Pacific Field Hockey