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Jon - May 2021

Iíve always struggled with a lot of sweat on my head and on my face. Sunscreen gets wiped off pretty quickly for me because I get so sweaty and then have to wipe it away with my gloves or sleeves. I even tried different sunglasses that had frames farther out from my skin because of how much sweat I had to deal with. I eventually would have to just stop riding, take a towel out of my backpack, and completely wipe off my head and face because it would get unsafe because of the sweat burning my eyes. Iíd tell myself, ďif I canít see, I canít ride.Ē
Then I heard about Halo headbands. I still sweat just as much, but I can ride for hours without anything dripping into my eyes. These headbands have completely changed how hard and how long I can ride. I have three of them now, and with summer temps coming, itís time to buy some more.